Life Groups

Are there people in your life who help point you in Jesus’ direction? Having close relationships in your life is more important than ever. The best part is, you can start right here at Summit!
Watch the video below to see what Life Groups is all about.
If you’re new to town or having trouble finding Jesus friends, join a Life Group! These Semesterly groups will help you engage in what Jesus has to say about your life with people who will help you do what He says, and share it with others.

Why Groups?

God wants to invite us into His family. He has more for us than just saving us.
Life Groups are where godly friends become family. Where hope is kindled, assumptions are challenged, bothers and sisters are found and built up.
If you want to experience the love and support of a healthy church family, come and discover what you’re missing, Connect to a Life Group today.


What will my Group do?
Each Group is unique, but most involve food, real conversations, and building relationships to follow Jesus.
All Life Groups will go over discussion points from Sunday Mornings. You’ll be building a genuine community and friendship as you pursue God while doing life together.

Where do Groups meet?
Most Groups meet in homes. We do our best to find Groups that meet closest to you. We also have on-campus groups.

Is there childcare?
Some Life Groups arrange their own childcare by finding sitters or making other arrangements. Some Life Groups also include children while they meet.

How often do Life Groups meet?
Life Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Most meet every week, some meet every other week, and some meet once a month.